International exchange introduction​


Since 1990 the Japan Aviation Academy has been actively recruiting International students.

Up till now in 2018, about 700 exchange students have learned in our school. The composition ratio of the country occupies 80% in Mongolia, Thailand and China. Besides, we have invited students from Asia – Pacific region such as Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz, Bangladesh,Tonga, Palau and New Zealand, in addition, we had had students from Brazil, Kenya, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and so on.

At the campus in Yamanashi, we currently have about 40 students enrolled from around the world such as Thailand, China, Mongolia, Serbia, India and Korea. The campus in Ishikawa is focused on International recruiting as well. We also have about 70 students from Thailand, Mongolia, Korea, China, Serbia, Viet Nam, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz, Bangladesh and Tonga.

Combining these students with students from all over Japan creates a uniquely diverse student body that we are very proud of. As students live, study, and participate in extracurricular activities together they share their cultures and experiences from around the world. This gives international students a firsthand look at Japanese culture and a peek into the cultures of the other international students around them. The interactions that take place also give our Japanese students a chance to learn about different cultures through personal experiences rather than from a book. Sometimes the international students even inspire domestic students to take advantage of our study abroad programs in America, New Zealand, England and China. Our staff is resident in America.

We would like to present some of the school’s international exchange programs that involve the international students in Japan.







International Relationships




■Relationship list of China/中華人民共和国友好校リスト

 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics/北京航空航天大学

 Civil Aviation Flight University of China/中国民航飛行学院

 Sichuan University/四川大学

 China Council for The Promotion of Lnternational Trade Sichuan Council(Sichuan Chamber   of Lnternational Commerce)/中国国际贸易促进委员会四川省委员会(四川国际商会)

 Sichuan Physical Education Bureau/四川省体育局

​ Chengdu Aeronautic Vocational & Technical College/成都航空職業技術学院

 The 7th Chengdu Middle School/成都市第七中学校

 The 2th Chongging Foreign Language School/重慶第二外国語学校

 Sichuan Meishan Scientific Ang Technical Secondary School/四川省眉山科学技術学校

 Shengan Middle School of Xindu Chengdu Sichuan/四川省成都市新都升庵中学

 The First Middle School of Pixian Sichuan/四川省郫県第一中学

 The First Middle School of Yibin Sichuan/四川省宜賓市第一中学校

 Sichuan Shuangliu Tanghu Middle School Foreign Language Experimental School/四川双流棠湖中学外語実験学校

 Yugao Middle School of Chongging/重慶市渝高中学校

■Relationship list of USA/アメリカ合衆国友好校リスト

 Hillsboro  Aviation , Inc./ヒルズボロー・アビエーション

 Westrn Michigan University/ウエスタンミシガン大学

 Honolulu Community College/ホノルルコミュニティーカレッジ

 William Penn University/ウィリアムペン大学

 Clover Park Technical College/クローバーパークテクニカルカレッジ

■Relationship list of Korea/大韓民国友好校リスト

 Jung Suk Aviation Technical High School/静石航空工業高等学校

 Hankuk Aviation University./韓国航空大学校

■Relationship list of New Zealand/ニュージーランド友好校リスト

 John Paul College/ジョンポールカレッジ

■Relationship list of United Kingdom/イギリス友好校リスト

 Sheffield College/シェフィールドカレッジ

 The University of Hull/ハル大学

■Relationship list of Mongol Uls/モンゴル友好校リスト

 Khara-Khorum University/カラコルム大学

 Mongolian University of Science and Technology/モンゴル国立科学技術大学

 The Music and Dance College of Mongolia/モンゴル国立音楽舞踏学校

Overseas staff


根岸 健一

Kenichi Negishi

日本航空学園 理事

JapanAviationAcademy, Director

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The Chinese Staff


劉 毅


日本航空学園 中国事務局長
JapanAviationAcademy,China Office,

Assistant to Chancellor Secretary-General


日本航空学園中国事務局 局長

鄧 君


日本航空学園 中国航友会重慶支部 支部長
JapanAviationAcademy,Alumni Association,CHONG QING Chapter,Chapter leader.

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The Kingdom of Thailand Staff


篠原 康太

Kouta Shinohara

Japan Aviation Academy, Bangkok Office, Manager.



Japan Aviation Academy, Bangkok Office, Manager.

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The State of Mongolia Staff



Alimansar Namjildori

Japan Aviation Academy, The Mongolia secretariat staff


Naranchimeg Sanjaajar

Japan Aviation Academy, The Mongolia secretariat staff

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International course


The course accepts international students from all over the world at Japan Aviation High School. 

International students occupy about 10% of all students, and many of them succeed to enter universities in Japan and colleges to provide along, as well as college in Chitose, Hokkaido. We have produced many superior talented graduates such as cabin attendants and aircraft mechanics in the aviation industry.

< International students’ next main stage of graduation in Japan>
Hiroshima University, Kanazawa University, Shizuoka University, Shiga University,  Jochi University, Ritsumeikan University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Aichi Institute of Technology, Fukui University of Technology, Kogakuin University
After entering the high school, the international students concentrate on the Japanese language with other subjects like mathematics, and the English language in the first year. From the second year, the students study other subjects with other Japanese students in order to get into highly selective universities.

Club activities are highly encouraged in our school. The international students make outstanding performances not only in rugby, soccer, table tennis, kendo, volleyball and basketball club, but in dance team, brass band and calligraphy club.

About 90% students live together in the dormitory in our school for three years. Because our housemasters are always on duty, students can enjoy considerable care 24 hours a day and nobody feels inconvenienced. Dormitory supplies 3 meals a day including weekends and holidays at the school cafeteria. Students create close bonds with each other while enjoying their high school life cheerfully for the realization of their dream.



学校法人日本航空学園 日本航空高等学校の海外からの留学生を受け入れるコースです。




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